October 2014

The Persian Bible



On September 22, over five hundred people journeyed to London, England from about forty different countries for a VERY special event:

The dedication service of Elam’s new translation of the Bible in Persian. ( Click HERE to view website! )

For the first time, the people of Iran have been provided with a Bible translation that is accurate, easy to read, and easy to understand. Every single verse has been thoroughly checked and examined, ensuring that The New Millennium Bible is as close to the original Hebrew or Greek as possible.

It took a team of over thirty translators and specialists nearly twenty years to make the Persian Bible a reality. This reality is a magnificent proclamation of the global Church’s commitment to God’s Word.

In May 1994, Tateos Michaelian, Iran’s most experienced translator, took the lead in translating the entire Bible. Soon after, Tateos was murdered for his faith. (The team bravely resolved to continue and named the translation project ‘The Michaelian Project’ in his honor.)

When the translation work began two decades ago, many expected the Iranian Church to fade away under the immense pressure from the hostile government.   Yet, the Church in Iran continued to GROW!! God’s word is not chained; no one can stop the move of the Holy Spirit.  


*A reason to CELEBRATE!*

The new translation of the Bible should be celebrated by every believer; but we feel an extra need to get excited because we are celebrating alongside  the numerous Iranians who attend our church in North East England.

((Iranians are an Indo-European people.  They speak Persian (Farsi), not Arabic and 90% are Shia Muslim.  The nation of Iran opposes Christianity: Bibles are banned, evangelism is illegal, and converts from Islam could face the death sentence.))

Many of our new friends from Iran fled their country for religious freedom; most came to England seeking asylum from what I understand.  It is clear that God is doing remarkable things here in the UK and especially within the Iranian community. We have FIFTEEN baptisms on Sunday, October 26th!  Praise God!

On another personal note, one of the young men in our youth group moved from Iran only a couple of months ago.  He could never fully participate in the scripture readings or lessons because he was still learning English and did not have a Bible in Farsi.   Last Sunday, we presented this eleven year old boy with his first Bible!! –A beautifully bound, leather Bible in Persian.

We got to see this awesome kid open up God’s Word and grin from ear to ear because he could finally understand the text!  I can’t describe in words how thankful he was nor could I describe the look of pure joy on his face as he strolled out of the youth room absolutely beaming and heading straight for his parents.  He was so excited to share His Bible with them! We will never forget this moment.

Friends, while our hearts are bursting because ONE young man received a Persian Bible, we are also mindful of those within our church without God’s word.

There is a huge need for more Bibles and we‘d love to extend the opportunity for YOU, our friends and family back home, to help fund a Bible in Farsi. The Bibles are 12 pounds online, which is currently equal to 19.29 in US dollar.

If you’d like to donate a Persian Bible to someone in our church, click the donate button on the bottom of our homepage (www.morrisministry.com) and write a message/memo (also on the bottom of our homepage) informing that the donation is specifically for Bibles.  If you’d prefer, you can purchase the Bibles online from the Elam Ministry Store   ( PURCHASE BIBLE HERE! ) and have them shipped to this address: Brian and Morgan Morris/ Stockton Parish Church/High Street/ Stockton-on-Tees, England/ TS18 1SP


Continue to pray with us and the global church for an explosive growth in Iran that will  impact the entire Middle East.

Please also pray with us for God’s protection on the Bibles as they flood to Iran.  (and also remember to praise God for YOUR Bible(s) and your freedom to worship because there are people all over the world who have died for it.)

THANK YOU for lifting up the whole nation of Iran before the living God. We believe that we serve a GREAT and mighty God, who answers prayers!

With Joy and Celebration,

Morgan and Brian

Youth for Christ Lake Retreat

Below is an article I helped write for the Derwentwater Hostel website.

‘In partnership with the Tees Valley Youth for Christ, 30 American students have been twinned with schools and churches across Teesside, where they will be serving as youth workers for the next year. The majority of the group had never been to the UK before, and so the Lake District was a perfect introduction to our long-term stay in the UK.

After arriving at the hostel we immediately hiked to the top of Surprise View. Everyone was completely enamoured by its effortless beauty, and it was a powerful place for considering how this landscape might have been created. While admiring the view, TVYFC Director Mike Taylor shared an inspiring message on Vision.

Following Surprise View, we hiked a little over three miles to Watendlath Tarn, hidden away in the mountains. Then, after the refreshing hike, we headed back to the hostel and played sports games until tea. We were graciously served a filling meal and delicious desserts by the hostel staff.

After a morning of worship and sharing our stories, we tackled Cat Bells together. Our group represented many different levels of fitness, yet every student was capable of reaching the top.  Whether you are a casual walker who wants to make the most of a beautiful afternoon, or an experienced hiker looking to explore further, Cat Bells is a highlight for everyone. Each view was truly spectacular, and the fresh air was exhilarating.

After our leg work-out on Cat Bells, we challenged our upper bodies to a little kayaking on Derwent Water. Kayaking was equally breath-taking, but from a uniquely different perspective. The weather could not have been more ideal, with the water glistening magnificently in the afternoon sun.

We spent our third day in Ambleside, enjoying the best of town and countryside. Some of us stayed on the high street, enjoying a quiet day in the coffee shops, while others spent time shopping, playing volleyball in the park, or hiking on Loughrigg Fell. That night we also had a relaxed evening out in Keswick.

Overall, TVYFC was completely blown away by the beauty and charm of North England, as well as the service and accommodation at Derwentwater Hostel. The staff attentively met all of our needs, and made our time in the Lake District that much richer. It was an unforgettable week.’

For more details, visit their website: Derwentwater Hostel

Dating with Purpose

A couple weeks before we left for England, Brian & I were interviewed by the lovely Ashley Brown for her YouTube channel, “Ashley Empowers.”

She is featuring a series called, “Dating with Purpose.” The vision behind this series is to showcase young, relatable Christian couples that “dated with purpose” so others will be inspired to keep God first in their relationships too.

My prayer is that God was glorified through every word and that His goodness and grace was magnified above all else!

Here’s our episode…Dating with Purpose