May 2015

Fundraiser: 3 Peaks Challenge

Hey guys, Brian here! In June I’ll be doing the 3 Peaks Challenge to help raise money for our various projects throughout the Tees Valley. The 3 Peaks Challenge is where you summit the 3 highest peaks in the UK in under 24 hours. The goal is for each person doing the 3 Peaks Challenge in June to raise 500 pounds (that’s British people money) a person. That’s approximately 825 USD. It’s an incredibly challenging task (no pun intended) but I know that the goal of raising funds for the youth will drive me to finish. Your donations would be going directly to youth projects such as leadership training, day trips, service projects, summer camps, and cafe churches. Many of the churches in the area lack funding to support youth ministries and completely rely on donators like you to keep them going. If you would like to donate please use the paypal account on the main page of our website.

Thanks again for all your support and prayers. Morgan and I are so blessed to have people like you in our lives. We love you guys and please let us know how we can be praying for you all as well.


The three mountains are:
Snowdon, in Wales (1085m)
Scafell Pike, in England (978m)
Ben Nevis, in Scotland (1344m)

*April Highlights*

April Highlights
1. First, we had the amazing opportunity to fly home over Easter and spend about 12 days with our families—Morgan got to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding.
2. Youth Church was held at the parish the Sunday of our return from America. (4 local youth groups combine once a month) We did an “At the Movies” theme and Brian shared an inspiring message on the movie, Secretariat.
3. Also on our return, Brian was nominated and voted (by the church members) to be on the Annual Parochial Church council.
4. The Esther journals that were donated have been given to our Older Girl’s Group and they are almost 4 weeks into the book of Esther.
5. Our younger girls group is officially happening on a weekly basis and they love it!
6. Team Stockton hosted a “Skit Night” for April’s Café Church. Brian and a “year 9” student (from Ian Ramsey) acted out a drama sketch on prayer and did a fantastic job.
7. A household of five from Iran recently accepted Christ and was baptized at the parish and sometime last week, they received status to stay in the UK! They have two daughters, both participating in our youth group and Girl’s Groups.
8. Brian and I finished another seminary term this weekend and are continually thankful for the blessing of furthering our education.
9. Both of us got to share our conversion testimonies at Ian Ramsey Secondary School over the last two weeks.
10. Stockton’s High Street has been under construction for years, and this month the fountain was completed and is looking beautiful.
11. Though it was bitter sweet, we said goodbye to three of our Gap Year Team members who have finished their year of service in England… They will be missed.
*April, you flew by! May, what’ve you got in store?!

Skit Night – Cafe Church

For April’s Cafe Church we hosted a “skit night,” which included a fun improvisation game, an amazing drama sketch, and a terrific message about prayer. Big thanks to Brian and Katy for working so hard on the play, and a huge thank you to Carolyn for directing it. You guys did an incredible job! Lastly, we are so thankful for Stefanie, who always brings such wisdom when she speaks. Friends, please continue to pray for Cafe Church in Stockton and across the Tees Valley. We would really love to see more young people attending the event and hearing the gospel. Pray for vision and fresh ideas as we continue to lead this outreach. (You can view a short clip of the 10 minute sketch on our Facebook page, Morris Ministry.)


Brian Shares His Testimony

Do you guys remember the post I shared a couple months ago about a thirteen-year-old atheist who told me that he needed to “stop coming (to lunch club) or that he’d start believing?” Well, after Brian shared his testimony yesterday at Ian Ramsey, the same young man approached him and asked, “Did all that REALLY happen…?” Brian said, “yes, of course it did.” smile emoticon In response, the boy replied, “hmm… then I need to try talking to God.” This may sound like something small, but it is absolutely remarkable. We have been praying for this specific young person for months, and it is SO encouraging to see God pursuing him and softening his heart. Pray for our friend today. Pray that he DOES decide to try praying, and most of all, pray that God would reveal Himself.


Pray for Nepal

As you pray for all the families that have been affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal, please also join us in praying for Naomi Clegg, the daughter of one of our church members. Naomi moved to Nepal to be a missionary in January. By God’s grace, she has been protected, though the house next to her was destroyed. If you feel led to send support to Naomi (in any form) as she serves those directly affected by the tragedy (in the name of Jesus), please let us know and we would love to connect you with her.