*April Highlights*

April Highlights
1. First, we had the amazing opportunity to fly home over Easter and spend about 12 days with our families—Morgan got to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding.
2. Youth Church was held at the parish the Sunday of our return from America. (4 local youth groups combine once a month) We did an “At the Movies” theme and Brian shared an inspiring message on the movie, Secretariat.
3. Also on our return, Brian was nominated and voted (by the church members) to be on the Annual Parochial Church council.
4. The Esther journals that were donated have been given to our Older Girl’s Group and they are almost 4 weeks into the book of Esther.
5. Our younger girls group is officially happening on a weekly basis and they love it!
6. Team Stockton hosted a “Skit Night” for April’s Café Church. Brian and a “year 9” student (from Ian Ramsey) acted out a drama sketch on prayer and did a fantastic job.
7. A household of five from Iran recently accepted Christ and was baptized at the parish and sometime last week, they received status to stay in the UK! They have two daughters, both participating in our youth group and Girl’s Groups.
8. Brian and I finished another seminary term this weekend and are continually thankful for the blessing of furthering our education.
9. Both of us got to share our conversion testimonies at Ian Ramsey Secondary School over the last two weeks.
10. Stockton’s High Street has been under construction for years, and this month the fountain was completed and is looking beautiful.
11. Though it was bitter sweet, we said goodbye to three of our Gap Year Team members who have finished their year of service in England… They will be missed.
*April, you flew by! May, what’ve you got in store?!

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