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Girl’s Group


Girl’s Bible study has been one of our most successful discipleship efforts, so we felt led to start one for the younger girls as well! Last month we hosted our first year 5 and 6 Girl’s Group! (4th and 5th grade in America.) To launch the new Bible study, we hosted a “sparkle” party with sparkler cupcakes and sparkle crafts!! My friend, Katy, taught on Phil. 2:13-15, pointing out the part about “shining like stars in the sky.” Toward the end of group, the girls made some impressive tea light (candle) holders to remind them to shine brightly for God’s glory! These girls are AWESOME! I am really eager to see how the group develops–I think it will be an amazing way to help transition the younger girls from kid zone into youth group more smoothly. Not only that, but it will be an excellent opportunity for the older girls to step up and help lead the younger. #disciplesmakingdisciples

Our Wedding Film

“Love is patient, kind, humble, selfless, forgiving, & trustworthy. Love never fails.” I Corinthians 13

I am absolutely delighted to share our wedding film with you. :) Folks, we are called to an unfailing love by the One whose love will never, ever fail.  Christ’s love is relentless. He is the ultimate example of true love.  I thank God every day for a husband whose love is not conditional and I’m choosing him forever.

Joyfully, Morgan Morris

(Destination: Marco Island, FL ~ Stylist: Kylie Swanson ~ Videographers:

UK-USA Ministries

Watch this interview to hear Mike Taylor, founder of UK-USA Ministries, explain in detail about what they do, why they do it, and what they hope to accomplish.

Over the past 10 years, the UK-USA partnership has blossomed and the organization has seen hundreds of USA students engaged in local ministry in the UK. Through the mandatory Religious Education classes offered in every public school in the UK, they have utilized USA students sharing their testimonies and RE lessons on short-term trips. While this partnership has been effective and they have seen benefits on both sides of the pond, it has become increasingly obvious that the most effective form of evangelism in a “Post-Christian England” is long-term relational ministry.

We are so excited to join the UK-USA team in England! Our hearts are pounding to get plugged in and to start serving in Stockton for the next two years of our lives!

For His Glory,

Brian and Morgan Morris