Digging Deeper. Hello 2015!

Hey, Morgan here! Brian and I just finished up a wonderful week in Manchester at the 2015 Youth For Christ Conference, themed “Digging Deeper.”

It’s been an incredibly encouraging start to the new year for both of us. The speakers, seminars, workshops, and overall fellowship reminded us of the importance of our job as youth workers. What an honor it is to be commissioned by the God of the universe! We are truly blessed to be doing God’s work here and pouring into the lives of these kids that He loves SO much. We are more motivated than ever to press forward into 2015, giving it everything we’ve got!

One of the many inspiring leaders who joined us in Manchester was Dr. Wess Stafford, the former President and acting President Emeritus of Compassion International. Stafford shared with us every morning and I can’t emphasize enough how moving his stories were from his upbringing in Africa to his life changing experience through the help of a YFC worker when he was fifteen.

How cool is that? You never know what you say or do that will change a person’s life forever. Someone influenced Wes, a hurting young man, who grew up to love Jesus passionately and lead a 645 million dollar Christian nonprofit that speaks up globally for the poor, helping millions of children in need every single day. I just love that. God wants to use you.

Thanking God today for refreshing our spirits this week and for breathing new life into His work for us in England. We are excited to dig deeper with Him in 2015.

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