*February Highlights*

Welcome to the month of March! Here are some of our highlights from February:

1. Speaking in Stokesley again—Brian shared about the relevance of God in our lives through personal testimony.

2. Participating in a very beneficial listening seminar, that will no doubt assist us in ministry—particularly during mentoring sessions at North Shore.

3. Launching the Year 5 and 6 Girl’s Bible study. Woo!!

4. Making the 1st Team for Stockton’s Rugby club!! (Go Brian!)

5. Welcoming four different youth groups to the parish for a Valentine’s Day themed Youth Church! I organized five “minute to win it” challenges and Brian preached on the link between faith and love.

6. Receiving the most incredible & most thoughtful Valentine’s Day package from Brian’s parents!! (Our families back home are so loving and supportive.)

7. Having my husband’s best man, Mitch, join us in England for a whole week! We got to show him all of our favorite places…including Durham, York, the Lake District, Oxford, London, Saltburn, and Middlesbrough.

8. Learning from Mercy Ministries, who joined one of our Monday morning meetings—they taught on how to effectively tackle tough issues like self-harm, eating disorders and abuse.

9. Celebrating the creativity in our gifted young people by exhibiting their artwork at Café Church.

10. Hosting a ministry team from Durham University (students who are studying to be vicars) for the weekend and enjoying a shared meal with them on Sunday after church.

11. Entertaining our youth group for a pizza and movie night at our place.

12. Sharing the gospel at Ian Ramsey!!! (So many seeds are being planted every week!) We long for these kids to know Jesus.
Awesome, awesome stuff happening. Thank you, Lord for all that you are doing.

Awesome, awesome stuff happening. Thank you, Lord for all that you are doing.


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