Girl’s Group


Girl’s Bible study has been one of our most successful discipleship efforts, so we felt led to start one for the younger girls as well! Last month we hosted our first year 5 and 6 Girl’s Group! (4th and 5th grade in America.) To launch the new Bible study, we hosted a “sparkle” party with sparkler cupcakes and sparkle crafts!! My friend, Katy, taught on Phil. 2:13-15, pointing out the part about “shining like stars in the sky.” Toward the end of group, the girls made some impressive tea light (candle) holders to remind them to shine brightly for God’s glory! These girls are AWESOME! I am really eager to see how the group develops–I think it will be an amazing way to help transition the younger girls from kid zone into youth group more smoothly. Not only that, but it will be an excellent opportunity for the older girls to step up and help lead the younger. #disciplesmakingdisciples

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