Ian Ramsey Lunch Club!

YFC has recently partnered with the Ian Ramsey Christian Union and we are delighted to not only be in a new school this term, but also to have started a weekly lunch club. Our team was in the academy every morning last week hosting assemblies and spreading the word!

We wanted to take the time to thank everyone for praying on behalf of the school assemblies last week because those prayers proved powerful and effective! We were nearly speechless when 40 or 50 young people showed up on Wednesday to the recently launched lunch club. Our team had to improvise and split up the younger students from the older students simply to make enough room!

It absolutely blew us away and we wholeheartedly believe that God is doing something very special here. Please keep tomorrow in your prayers as we begin a series of teachings…ultimately the gospel. Tomorrow Bethany and Rachel will be speaking on the topic, “Who is Jesus?” Brian and I will be teaching the following week on, “Why did Jesus die?”

Thanks again for praying!!

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