*JULY Highlights*

1. First Year: We completed our first year with YFC in England. In a few days, we head back for the month of August, then start year two in September.

2. SPC Youth Lock-In: It was a movie, hide & seek, live mafia, popcorn & ice-cream kind of night! 
3. Soul Survivor: We camped out for nearly a week at a youth conference in Stafford. On top of lives being transformed, we really treasured how much closer we grew to our kids.
4. School Mentoring: In January, our team began a Mentor Program at a local secondary school and we ended the year with a Graduation Ceremony/party for those students. The school really supports what we are doing and has invited us back for the new school term!
5. Girl’s Discipleship: Morgan was able to do lots of fun activities with her girls during the month of July-Painting, Netflix, milkshakes, & horseback riding included!
6. Christian Union: Our team hosted the last lunch club of the year & threw a pizza party for the secondary students.
7. Mayor’s Service in Parish Gardens: Our church home hosted the community of Stockton for a service, concert, and burgers.
8. Camp of Champions: Youth for Christ hosted loads of sports camps for kids this month & Brian did a great job running one in Stockton.
9. Seminary: Morgan completed her first year of seminary! She starts back up at the end of August.
10. Church Coach Trip: On America’s Independence Day we were at the beach with our church fam playing volleyball + eating fish & chips.
11. Mission Weeks: YFC hosted several mission teams in the Tees Valley from Colorado & Texas. We loved having them (and all of the incredible summer interns) here with us for either the whole summer or for parts of it.
12. BBQ Bashes: A girl’s group celebration for the end of the school year + SPC Staff BBQ at the Millers.
13. School Play: One of the Y6’s moving up to youth in September starred in her school play & we got to go support her!
14. Y & F: The big summer blowout for Young & Free with SPC & the Tab Youth.
15. Yorkshire Three Peaks: Brian hiked this 24.5-mile challenge in only 7 hours.
16. Birthday Boy: Brian turned 26 during our camping trip at Soul Survivor!!!!

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