MAY: TOP 10 Highlights

MAY: TOP 10 Highlights

1. YFC Social: Central Stockton team partnered with Axiom (YFC’s sport evangelism team) to host a social for our fellow Gap Year workers. We organized sand volleyball + BBQ + smores at Runswick Bay and it could not have been a more perfect day!
2. Cafe Church: The TVYFC launched another Café Church in the Tees Valley. We loved supporting the Hartlepool team at their very first Cafe Church of the year.
3. Newcastle Falcons: We got to go to a Newcastle Falcons Rugby game with our buddy/manager and his wife to celebrate his birthday.
4. Best Decision Ever: Our niece, Faith Kendall Lindsey, made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as her savior!!!
5. Pentecost Sunday: On Pentecost Sunday, we were given the amazing opportunity to lead the main service at our church for the first time. Morgan planned the music, welcome, sharing of the peace, offering, and the crafts… and Brian preached the message. The biggest highlight of all was when two people gave their lives to Jesus during the response!
6. Try Praying Campaign: Our church partnered with church’s across the UK and passed out try praying booklets to people in our community and within the schools we work during the entire month of May. (There was a kid, teen, and adult version).
7. Celebration Service: The whole Stockton community was invited for a picnic and service in Stockton Parish Church’s gardens on Pentecost Sunday. There were also loads of baptisms!!! smile emoticon
8. SPC Youth Social: We hosted a fun movie marathon + pizza social in the main hall of our church with some of our students.
9. One Year of Marriage: May 29th was our one-year anniversary! We were given the most amazing gift, which was getting to celebrate in Ireland!!! We are so thankful for the opportunity we’ve been given to not only spread the knowledge of God to the world, but also get to see so much of it in the process!
10. Brave By Faith: Brian’s testimony of faith was featured on

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